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Syncwire HDMI Cable 2.0
Syncwire may be bucking the trend somewhat with a 6.5-ft cable, but this is one of the more aesthetically-pleasing HDMI cables on the market, if that kind of thing matters to you. For optimal conductivity, lightning-fast transmissions, broad compatibility, and minimal interference, accept no substitutes.
Not 8K supported

The Monoprice DynamicView Active HDMI cable, otherwise known as the Monoprice HDMI High Speed cable is an all round winner. This offers decent 4K quality streaming at 60Hz with HDR support thanks to the 18GB capacity meaning it'll handle the top end signals of most new TVs. It's also an active cable meaning it draws power from the device to boost signal over longer distances this is good for a massive 60 feet in its longest form.
The cable is built to a very high standard and comes with a lifetime warranty. Granted we'll probably have 8K TVs with actual content and need to upgrade cables in years to come but it's reassuring to know the build quality is high and this is made to last. From gaming, to TV to audio and monitor use, this cable can handle it all and with a fair price tag too.
Not the longest
The Onyx High-Speed HDMI cable is not only built for speed, as the name suggests, but also for longevity with an 1month warranty. Thanks to a super strong braided shielding along the cable you get a resilience that makes this ideal for anyone that needs a cable they're going to be moving about and bending a lot. This is also officially HDMI Certified meaning you can expect the high-quality standard that can only drop one pixel in every million. You also get 4K and Dolby TrueHD plus Dolby DTS-HD support.
No longer options
The BlueRigger Micro HDMI to HDMI cable is ideal for connecting portable video devices like cameras, GoPros and projectors. Although it's worth noting this isn't microUSB, so won't work with phones or tablets using that port. What it can do is transmit data up to 4K at 60Hz as well as being Dolby DTS-HD compliant. This is also tough, with gold plated connectors, and it uses a 3gauge premium grade cable that's fully shielded. As such the whole things is covered for life, says the company.
Not cheap

The Monster HDMI 4K cable is not the cheapest on this list but it's up there with the strongest and comes with a lifetime guarantee. That means, should anything go wrong with your cable, you can simply have it replaced – the company even upgrades you when tech advances and this becomes limiting to keep up with your device. You should be good for a while though as this has 4K support and thanks to a V-Grip the connection of the 24k gold ends is solid and the flexible cable is made to last too.
Still not 8K ready
The iVanky HDMI 2.0 should really be called HDMI 2.0b as it's built to that more recent standard. That means it can handle 4K and HDR content to give the best possible image on your TV. So you can enjoy 48-bit deep color but it also applies to audio with support for Dolby TrueHD 7.channel surround sound. The cable itself is shielded with braided housing to offer flexibility and resilience and there's even a Velcro strap to help keep things tidy.
Active vs. Super fast reply. Passive Cables
All of the HDMI cables we reviewed are passive cables, meaning they are bi-directional and act simply as a pipeline to transfer data between devices. Some HDMI cables are active cables, meaning they include extra tech to ensure high-speed quality over longer distances or with thinner cables. They are directional cables that boost signals and usually require some sort of power source. Active cables aren’t really necessary for shorter lengths unless your setup requires your HDMI to be more flexible than is typical.
SIENOC 5M 15FT Mesh Black HDMI Cable
Don’t you wish your cable were a little more durable? As far as sturdiness is concerned, you can never go wrong with SIENOC. With its cable shielding thickness, it can withstand common wear-and–tear damage much better than most. Aside from being durable, this cable is also reliable by pretty much all standards. Supporting up to 10.2Gbps, SIENOC easily meets your data transfer needs. As a better version of the older HDMI cables, it is ideal for gaming consoles as well.
Cables Direct Online 20 FT High Speed HDMI Cable
This cable belongs to the group of high-performance long cables that can support not only your television but also devices such as laptops, computers, and even gaming consoles. If you are looking for that long-length cable that can support your data transfer needs, PCmicrostore is the one for you. Aside from 3D graphics and 4k resolutions, it also supports Ethernet connection. This cable comes with a lifetime warranty so you won’t have to worry about not getting your money’s worth.

If you are looking for something that can fit into small holes, while giving that edgy look to your connection compartment then this particular cable from Sanus is for you. Its slim size also makes it more flexible than their thicker counterparts. Of course, being slim does not make it less durable. The cable is covered with PVC cable molding and polyester braiding to protect the wires from cuts. With its 24k gold-plated connector, it has a high conductivity for fast transfers, high-definition display, and clear audio.
Belkin AV22306-0HDMI Audio Video Cable
In case you need something that has a premium construction along with being low-maintenance, you can always turn to Belkin cables. This cable supports HDMI 2.0, which can increase your bandwidth quite a bit. For instance, if you are currently at 10.Gbps, then you can expect your transfer speed to go as high as 1Gbps. It can also support up to 3audio channels, which is perfect if you like to watch high-quality formats.
If you need a long, reliable cable without breaking the bank then this cable is exactly what you need. Aside from a length that does not compromise performance, it also features gold plates for high-quality audio and display. Not only that, it also lets you share your Internet connection with your television in real time. At the same time, it also benefits from triple shielding security for added strength and durability..

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