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Green Tea

Green Tea is more than just liquid. Let’s face the truth – green tea is still a novelty among western population. If you are a serious tea drinker you might be offended by this statement, but many people are still not aware of thousands of different loose leaf tea types and have never had a chance to try good tea. Many online tea shops will use this fact to get people hooked stating the potential benefits of drinking green tea. Even though we agree tea has many benefits, most of them are still in the grey zone and excessively used for promoting. We want to use the benefits of drinking green tea for promoting too, but in a different way. Let’s start. Green Tea

Thousand of Choices

With coffee it’s easy. The most difficult thing you have to master is milk and coffee ratio, as most coffee shops do not offer different types from different countries, but rather coffee prepared in a different way. With green tea things get very complicated. With thousands of types available, you would be able to drink different tea each day until the rest of your life.

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Developing Your Passion

Once you get hook on tea your life will get one more meaning. You will want to discover all possible types and taste every tea you see. Not only this new passion will be interesting, but it will also be a very healthy one.

Green tea will never let you down

Once you start understanding your tea, it will never let you down. Sooner than later you will find yourself turning to tea when you need a bit of relaxation and understanding, unwinding and comfort. Because you will know exactly what you are getting. Treat your tea well and you will be reward with amazing flavor and enjoyment. Seriously, green tea can do that for you. You will get a whole new topic to talk about, knowledge to brag with and a lot of sympathy from tea drinking people. Drinking real loose leaf tea will make you stand out from the crowd. Not convinced? Make getting hook on green tea a New Year’s resolution and let us know what are the benefits of drinking tea for you.

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