Why is SpiruLiva Important for Nerve Health?



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We wanted make sure you’re doing well on the road to health and freedom after starting our Nerve Health protocol for the condition you sought our help and hope this post finds you in the best of health.

We’re sure that Biogetica’s remedies have made you feel stronger, healthier, energetic, more vibrant and less debilitated. This is because now your nerves are potentially rejuvenated, stronger and less susceptible to triggers. To make sure that you continue strongly and face no relapses, we recommend that you now include our synergistic blend of pure organic spirulina and astaxanthin-SpiruLiva, specially formulated by our doctors to maximize your nutrition and health in your daily regime.


The reason we want you to try SpiruLiva is because Spirulina possesses phycocyanin– a potent antioxidant and valuable nutrient constituents that give organic spirulina powder its rejuvenating, nerve-strengthening, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, immune boosting, and free radical scavenging powers. Moreover, pure hawaiian spirulina powder has over 20% phycocyanin as compared to other spirulina products that contain only about 5 to 10% of phycocyanin. So this means, SpiruLiva gives you the best source of nutrition to boost your health and wellness and we believe that this will make a difference that you can feel daily!


Just so you know spirulina has clinically demonstrated numerous health benefits, which potentially include:

  1. Regulating your immune functions and inhibiting inflammation
  2. Enhancing humeral and cell-mediated immune functions thus improving your disease resistance potential.
  3. Eliminating toxins and rejuvenating health at the cellular level
  4. Protecting and rejuvenating your nerves
  5. Regulating your blood pressure
  6. Detoxifying and protecting your liver
  7. Maintaining healthy arteries by inhibiting plaque formation
  8. Increasing your muscle endurance and strengthening your musculo-skeletal system

Our other active ingredient astaxanthin is another groundbreaking natural ingredient teeming with nutrient and beneficial reserves. Growing research has indicated that astaxanthin is the most potent antioxidant that Nature has to offer. SpiruLiva contains pure organic ingredients for better health and nutrition.

SpiruLiva Spirulina

By blending both these ingredients together in SpiruLiva, we are delighted to present to you a potent and powerful daily supplement for total body health. Our product will potentially detoxify, alkalize, nourish, and rejuvenate your nerves and bodily systems like few other natural substances on the planet can.

So, make the most of this wonderful supplement and avail this product at a 10% discount especially for you because we value you more and want to see you healthy again. To buy this product, click here.

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