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The Fine Balance of Immunity



Immunity is a fine balance that we all must achieve daily. Boosting one’s immunity has distinct physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual components. Your immune system is your constant protector.

Viruses and bacteria are constantly evolving and we need to keep our immunity boosted at all times regardless of whether they are working on the inside or outside. New research for example, links herpes to Alzheimer’s and this is yet another troubling viral damage possibility, which we need to guard against.


For this reason, our doctors have come up with immune maintenance kits that are designed to:

The regimen that you can follow for optimum results is

  1. Take Prana mana in the morning
  2. Hyperisince with lunch and
  3. Detoxym at bedtime.

Just 3 pills a day that works across the spectrum of life to harmonies any underlying imbalances and synergizes the different mechanisms of your body, so that you may continue leading a holistic, healthy, and free life.

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